Young Company, Long Experience

Almet Trading is a young company, however our team represent a long experience in this business. During decades our key staff has established good relations with various producers and clients and as a result we have achieved a very good foundation with large and well-known companies in the market. We are genuinely proud of that! At the same time we are always making efforts to improve ourselves and develop. Our main goal is to become a single stop solution provider for the steel industry in the world.

Industry Networks & Global Reach

Our extensive industry networks and exclusive arrangements with various producers/suppliers enable us to accommodate all type of client requirements in terms of order size, product specifications, bespoke contract arrangements and delivery timings.For suppliers, we use our relationships and long-standing expert knowledge to ensure that their products reach the best customer in the right destinations.


As well as connecting larger buyers directly with suppliers, we also offer solutions for smaller client through our stockholding sites in Georgia and Azerbaijan. This ensures that we deliver our products in smaller quantities at short notice. We also offer further processing to match client's exact needs.

Make It Happen

"Nothing is impossible". That is the natural slogan of our company. Due to that we are also able to supply our customers with all kinds of products outside our normal product range. Having only one supplier makes it easier for the customers. This saves time as well as resources and makes it easier for our customers.